Conservation and Restoration of Paintings and IconsUpper East Side, NYC

Kept and preserved, a painting can endure over centuries. Yet along the way, it develops marks of age or neglect: darkening, cracks, mold. Some of these marks are best left untouched, enhancing the pleasure and value of the work. Others can be carefully repaired, improving the piece's luster and harmony.

New York City based painting and icon conservator Olga Nikolic-Litwin faithfully rehabilitates art, and ensures its survival. She approaches every restoration project with care, thought, and respect for the piece and its history — as well as the client's wishes.

Olga doesn't make old look new again: she sees and coaxes out the beauty within aged paintings and icons, many of which have been reclaimed from basements, rescued from war zones, or betrayed by previous poor restorations.

Whether you are restoring an inherited family portrait, a religious icon, or a darkened landscape painting, you are honoring the past while bringing something precious into the future.